Images With Purpose

Let's find what shakes your soul.


my passion is in the story.

I am a photographer who goes. I will go to the mountains, I will go to the sea, or I will go next door. As much as I love adventure, I love capturing the story of a couple much more. I will go wherever your story is told.

meet russell


My purpose is to take the best photographs of you, your loved ones, and everything that matters to you. I want you to feel the same thing I did when my family and I went through wedding photos of our own loved ones; some of the best photos we have of my father were from my sister’s wedding. When I realized my very job is to take pictures of other’s loved ones, it shook my soul and gave me purpose. I want to provide you with photos of memories that will last longer than a lifetime. A legacy through generations.

Heading into my 6th year as a wedding photographer, I like to add a little of my lifestyle technique into my wedding work. I feel it keeps it fresh and can draw you into an image on an emotional level. That extra something about the photo is what you feel. That exact feeling you have from an image is the goal for my work.

Day Of

When It comes to shooting, I am calm, relaxed, and I am a great non-awkward third wheel. I like to direct my couples into awesome, jaw-dropping light, neat spaces, all the while cultivating romance, fun, and joy through my shooting style. Whimsy and adventurous with a touch of romance are words you could use to describe it.

I am a go-with-the-flow but will direct when needed kind of person. I aim for your wedding day to be just that—yours. Not anyone else's. I will capture you with all your loved ones at every part of the day and become a natural part of your day. I watch and wait for the perfect moments you will never forget.

Life + Wife

Outside of photography, you can find me traveling, skiing, hiking, biking, and playing volleyball, golf, or tennis while seeking out the next opportunity to buy a bag of skittles—specifically the purple bag.

When I was young and 19 I had a lofty goal to ski off every cliff we could find out west. It was short lived by some rough falls, and after gaining some wisdom I would totally rather take photos on cliffs instead, way more fun that way… and safer too.

My wife is a 4th-grade teacher and is the cutest human you will find here on earth! She is obsessed with dogs and sloths and falls in love with all the animals when we watch planet earth. Our first date was 5.5 hours long and I called my mom right after and said 'this was my last first date.'

Let's Go.

Adventurous couples speak to my soul. If you are a goer and a getter, let's go and get some incredible images that tell your story!